Barefoot Brawlers

Barefoot Brawlers _ Promo Image Cover
Barefoot Brawlers is a 2D Brawler Game about an average metal band who are unwilling forced to save their hometown & maybe the world.

We started work on the game shortly after we began work on an Editor Extension for Unity called the Brawl Box. We wanted to create an out of the box brawler asset that was cable of making wide range of brawlers both classic & modern and since we both grew up playing games like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, River City Randsom, Castle Crashers, etc, it was a natural progression to go from making an asset to building a game.

Work on the Brawl Box is definitely still happening though, as we plan to build Barefoot Brawlers entirely with the Brawl Box. Once both are finished we will release the complete asset on Unitys Asset store so others can see how we did it all & maybe even build their own game.